Hair Stylist Shears

We sell a wide range of professional hair cutting shears and thinning shears for the professional hair stylist. Our goal is to provide both quality and variety for hairdressers to be able to achieve any haircut style they desire. You can purchase your perfect  shear from us. All our shears are professionally manufactured and hand finished to last for years of perfect cutting. Before delivery to you our customer, each shear must pass the factory quality control department and an additional final inspection by our “picky” offfice staff .

What makes us different?

We offer both innovative and ergonomically designed shears to all professional hairstylists. Our professional hair cutting shears fit comfortably in your hand. They will give you a long life of quality service. Each of our models are crafted to our demanding standards and hand finished to provide you with a top quality tool designed for your cutting needs. We only sell salon and barber shears that will provide extraordinary precision, comfort, longevity and performance to hair stylists and barbers.

We treasure the patronage of our loyal customers and we would not, in any way, jeopardize our customers’ well-founded trust by offering low-quality products. As you know, quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

A great sale at the show or from a sales rep has little value if the scissors do not stand the test ot time.

At Hair Stylist Shears, we understand the influence that hair cutting tools have on the mental, physical and financial well-being of our clients. We are committed to providing them with top-notch professional styling shears at budget-friendly prices. We want to support a hair stylist’s long-term investment by giving them the best value for their money.


With our company, you can buy hair cutting shears with total confidence. All our fine shears have a lifetime warranty against any factory defect and a 30-day exchange and satisfaction guarantee. We also have a 30 day refund policy, in case you are not content with our products and would like to return them.

Payment Options

Purchase with confidence using your favorite credit card

Or, use your PayPal account (PayPal offers six months no payment and no interest to qualified buyers)

Then capitalize on the investment you made in your career and enjoy your new shears.


At Hair Stylist Shears, we want you to have quality shears that will serve you for a long time. Enjoy accurate and precise cutting with our high-end shears offered at very cost-effective rates. Just select your specifications and place your order. Remember, our products are obtained directly from the factory to you, our valued client.

The significance of choosing the right professional hair cutting shears

Professional hair cutting shears are the essential tools, every hairdresser needs. Every client looks for a clean and accurate haircut that only a top quality shear can provide. Your investment in a quality pair of shears is an investment in your career.

Shear Education

The problem is, not many cosmetology institutions teach their students on the value and importance of professional hair cutting shears, not even the basics of shear care. Students are usually left to find their own way through shear care and maintenance.

Precision Styling

Quality is just as important for left handed haircutters. We believe it a travesty when cosmetology schools force students to use right handed scissors. (We have seen schools charge more fore a “left handed pair of scissors” that in reality were right handed.) Scissor sharpeners get in the act and surcharge for sharpening “left handed” scissors. Many manufacturers join in by charging more for left handed models.

At Diamond Rose Shears, the home of Musashi and Sayuri Shears comparable models are priced the same in both left and right handed haircutting scissors. Diamond Rose Shears, the parent company of Musashi Shears and Sayuri Shears, is committed to quality and integrity when selecting a manufacturer to represent, the staff we hire and the business owners we train to sharpen and sell our world renown shear brands. All sales are supported with a thirty day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty against factory defect.

Shear Quality

Sometimes it can be difficult for hair stylists to identify and differentiate the material quality of their hair cutting tools, especially the steel used to manufacture the blade. The manufacturers and distributors don’t make it easy for them either. Their sales techniques are so confusing yet convincing, and you end up purchasing their products oblivious to the material origin and quality. Hairdressers get misled to buy mislabeled shears that quote Japanese quality even if the shears do not contain the steel from Japan. Or they label the professional shears as containing cobalt but in essence the products contain just a trace of cobalt. All they want is to sell the shear at a higher price.

Since hairdressers are at the mercy of the shear distributors, they have no other choice but to buy. It’s only later that they will realize the products are neither quality, nor durable. Furthering the problem is the fact that most distributors don’t even know the material quality of the scissors they are selling. It is not possible to tell just by looking about the quality of steel.  This is one reason why you should purchase from a reputable company.

When purchasing your hair cutting shears, here is what you need to look for:

  • Do the blades open and close smoothly?
  • Do they fit well in your hand?
  • Is the length of the blade appropriate for the size of your hand and the cutting style you are looking for?
  • How long is the guarantee?
  • Are there limitations imposed?
  • Is the manufacturer or manufacturers rep readily available if an issue is discovered after the sale?


You can use the questions above as a guide when making your next purchase. The cost of the hair cutting shears is important, though it plays a minor role in the selection of your tools. Whatever you spend on a low-quality pair of shears will, in the long run, cost you more in damages and repairs. Investing in quality will give you the best service and last for a long time.

Every shear we sell is covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty for any factory defect. Check out our website or call our sales office for new shear models and sizes you can add to your investment. You will also find more education from our blogs and instructions on our refund policy from our website or over the phone.